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Natural values

The almost 2 hectare large oak-wood is situated on the western fields of Érsekcsanád. It occupies an intermediate position between the oak forest with lily-of-the-valley and the oak forest on steppe. The English oak trees flourishing here are nearly 100 years old.

 The Veránka Island, surrounded by the Rezéti Danube, is situated in the western corner of the non-residential area of Érsekcsanád which is in the heart of the world famous Gemenc. This area became the Landscape Protection Area of Gemenc in 1977 and later, in 1996, it received the highest level of protection as the part of the Duna-Dráva National Park.

The nearly 1000 hectare large Veránka Island has the shape of a half wing of a butterfly from bird

's eye view. We dare say that the island is the pearl of the region of Gemenc. The flora and fauna of the area is extremely various and provides shelter for several endangered species such as the stock of black stork, which is the most densely populated stock in Europe with its 40-50 pairs. The osprey and the black kite, like the black stork, are also representative birds of the region.

The forks of the Danube are the tourist water routes of the National Park and they can be visited by small oared crafts without restrictions. The visit of dry land areas is strictly controlled by the National Park therefore; it is advisable to inquire about it in advance. Various opportunities are available for tourists: forest light train, educational paths and wooden look-out towers.

Wild cats, foxes and badgers live their hidden lives far away from the populated areas in the heart of the forest.

Today the European beaver ranges in the area again and the golden jackal, which is also known by its popular name

- 'nádi farkas' (reed wolf), has recaptured its natural habitat after a 100 year break due to the recent artificial reintroduction.

The fair games are deer and boar. Making an appointment is possible at the office of Gemenc Zrt. in Baja. Rod fishing is possible with a day ticket, which is available at the rod-fishing association in Baja. Dining is possible at the holiday resort of the Local Government of Bács-Kiskun County in Veránka if you make an appointment in advance.

The photos are made by Barnabás Felső: