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The Mayor's greetings

On behalf of the Local Government of Érsekcsanád, I am delighted to welcome every visitor who visits our website surfing on the internet. I hope that you can imagine the history of Érsekcsanád, the public life, the events and the economical life with the help of the useful information you can find here browsing our website.

Érsekcsanád is located near the main road No. 51 and it is 6 km north to Baja, close to the river Danube. The township shows the typical features of Sárköz concerning both the farming and the cultural traditions. As the result of the flood-plain farming and fishing it is natural for the families of Csanád to have fish for lunch every week. The beautiful Sárköz-style costume of the Bazsarózsa Folkdance Club has already been admired in several European countries.

The cultural life of the village is really vital. The visitors are welcome to take part in a number of small and great programs such as the Fish Frying Festival, the Summer's Day of Csanád, the Folklore Evening, the Grape Harvest Procession and the Christmas Concert. The sport life is basically determined by football but the equestrian tradition is significant as well and we organize several horseback riding skill and coach-driving championships every year.

The main public domain of Érsekcsanád is the Leisure Park where groups of local friends and visitors from farther countries can meet, fry and cook in a beautifully attended environment. The open-air programs are held here, too. We deliberately and precisely decorate our village with flowers and we have been successfully taking part in the 'For a Flowery Hungary' competition for three years.

The most significant tourist attraction is the Veránka Island, which is the nature conservation area of the Duna-Dráva National Park. Many visitors were impressed by the flora and fauna of the flood-plain and the dead-channels. Several hunters also visit Érsekcsanád since this area is an integrated part of Gemenc and offers various wildlife to see and hunt. The accommodation, which can be found in the island, is the property of the Local Government of Bács-Kiskun County. It provides the opportunity of numerous leisure activities for the visitors, such as boating, hiking, cycling and fishing.

Our village has two twin cities. One of them is Kastl, in Germany and the other one is Ballylanders, in Ireland. We entertain close relationship with both of the townships and visit each other's programs as often as possible.

I wish a pleasant pastime to our virtual visitors. If the information you have found here attracted your attention, you are welcome to stop to get to know Érsekcsanád, to taste the fish dishes of Csanád and our delicious strudel. We request the pleasure of meeting you.


Felső Róbert
Mayor of Érsekcsanád